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Modified Mini-Cog Test

Scoring tool

max. pointspatient score
What is the (day of week) (year) (day or night) (last meal) (how long in hospital)? 5
Where are we? (city/state)(hospital)(floor) 3
Name 3 objects & ask the pt to repeat them until all 3 are learned.
clock drawing:
draw circle, draw numbers, place hands at “ten past eleven” distractor only
Ask the pt to recall the 3 objects named above 3

Original Mini-Cog Test

  • as above but no orientation element
  • clock drawing test is only a distractor for the subsequent recall test
  • if patient can recall all 3 items then “probably no dementia”
  • if patient cannot recall any of the 3 items then “probably dementia”
  • if patient can only recall one or two items, then they are “probably demented” if their clock drawing test was abnormal, but if this was normal, then they are “probably not demented”.


  • Borson.S1)
Borson S. Int M Geriatr Pyschiatry 2000; 15:1021-7
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