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Mini-mental state examination


  • Scores < 24 suggest a dementing illness but this test is insensitive for mild cognitive impairment and lacks diagnostic specificity for dementia and does not take into account levels of education, premorbid ability & other patient variables such as visual problems or poor English.
  • A normal score of > 24 does not exclude brain abnormality or dementia.

Scoring tool

What is the (time) (date) (day) (month) (year)?5
Where are we? (state)(city)(suburb)(hospital)5
Name 3 objects & ask the pt to repeat them until all 3 are learned. Record the no. of trials3
attention & calculation:
Ask the pt to subtract serial 7s for 5 times5
Ask the pt to recall the 3 objects named above3
Naming: pencil and watch1
Repetition: “No ifs, ands, or buts”1
Three-stage command: “Take paper in your right hand, fold it in half & put it on the floor”3
Reading: obey instruction given in writing “Close your eyes”1
Writing: “Write a sentence”1
Copying: construct a pair of intersecting pentagons & ask pt to copy them1
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