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AMTS cognitive impairment test

see also neurology

General points

  • Ensure the patient is wearing glasses and/or hearing aids if required and assess the need for an interpreter.
  • Daily testing may be indicated during hospital admission
  • The abbreviated Mental Test Score (AMTS) provides a reliable screen for patients with a high suspicion index for cognitive impairment with noted problems in memory and thinking /speech.
  • 1 point is allocated for each correct response.
  • A score of 8 or less is indicative of impairment.

AMTS patient responses

  • age
  • time to nearest hour
  • Address for recall at end of the test “42 West Street” (ask the patient to repeat the address to make sure it has been heard correctly)
  • year
  • “What is the name of this place?” - Name of hospital or present location
  • Recognition of two people (eg. nurse, doctor etc)
  • year of either:
    • First World War (1914 – 1918)
    • Second World War (1939 – 1945)
  • Name of the Prime Minister
  • Count backwards from 20 to 1
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