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Clock test

General points

  • Ensure the patient is wearing glasses and/or hearing aids if required and assess the need for an interpreter.
  • the clock test is a test of frontal and executive functioning and assess the need for further cognitive testing and screen for dementia.
  • requirements: A4 sheet of paper and pen
  • score 1 point for each component of the task correctly completed
  • consider more detailed assessment or referral if difficulty in any task
  • the clock drawing test is also used as a distractor in the Modified Mini-Cog Test

Clock test

  • Instruction given once:
    • Speak clearly and slowly and advise the person to listen carefully as you can only say this once - No prompting
    • “Draw a clock face with the numbers on it and draw in the hands as if it was Ten past Eleven”
  • Scoring - 1 for each:
    • Draws a closed circle
    • Places numbers in the correct position
    • Includes all 12 numbers
    • Places clock hands in the correct position
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