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Ross River virus


  • mosquito-borne viral infection causing epidemic polyarthritis
  • reservoir is a variety of mammals excluding humans
  • occurs in all states of Australia and is the most common mosquito transmitted disease with over 6,500 cases per year with occasional local epidemics with much higher numbers
    • in 2020:
      • 3,500 cases in Qld
      • 2,000 cases in NSW - a record high for NSW - mainly Hunter-New England region and northern NSW
      • ~450 cases in Vic - mainly Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and East Gippsland (usually there are 200 cases pa, but late 2016 floods resulted in 2000 cases in 2017 )
  • infections in Australia are 10x more common than Barmah Forest virus

Clinical features

  • incubation period post mosquito bite: 7-10 days
  • variable severity flu-like illness
    • fever, chills, headache, myalgias and arthralgias
  • some have long lasting joint damage and pain


  • serology


  • supportive care, analgesia / anti-inflammatories
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