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chlorpromazine (Largactil)


  • a phenothiazine medication used as a neuroleptic major tranquilliser in acute psychotic states as well as one of the most effective treatments of acute migraine headaches.
  • half life ~ 30hrs, eliminated by the liver.
  • main adverse effects are:
  • see phenothiazines for its main actions, adverse effects and details relating to its class effects.

clinical usage

acute migraine Rx

IV bolus method for adults
  • give 300-500ml crystalloid fluid (eg. NSaline) first to reduce risk of hypotension
  • dilute 50mg chlorpromazine to 20mls using NSaline then administer 12.5mg (=5mls) over 1-5 minutes
  • repeat dose every 20-30min if needed, up to max. of 37.5mg.
IV infusion method for adults
  • add 25mg chloropromazine (1ml of the 50mg/2ml ampoule) to 1L NSaline and infuse over 30-60minutes
  • repeat with HALF of this dose if needed in 20-30min.
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