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  • serum lipase levels are used primarily as an indicator for acute pancreatitis when it starts to rise 3-6hrs after onset and usually peaks around 24hrs from onset, but as there is significant reabsorption from the renal tubules, levels remain elevated for 8-14 days.
    • has a greater sensitivity than amylase for alcoholic pancreatitis (sens. > 85%), and has higher specificity, although this depends upon what cut-off value is used - most use 2-3x normal upper limit.
  • there are various types of lipase enzymes including pancreatic, hepatic, intestinal, lingual and lipoprotein.

causes of raised serum lipase

levels > 3x upper limit of normal

  • acute pancreatitis - >90% of cases of such high levels are due to acute pancreatitis of which there are many possible causes, although most commonly are biliary or alcoholic

levels < 3x upper limit of normal

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