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medical blogs and podcasts

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  • hint: there are links to specific podcasts throughout this wiki - just search for podcasts in the search field to find them


  • many health organisations and professionals maintain their own “blog” (from web log) which allows them to publish a series of web pages of information in chronological order.
  • sometimes creating a blog is too time consuming or unnecessary, and many also use to publish very short SMS text-like messages of updates which will be visible to those who follow these “tweets”. Importantly, you can post to your Twitter via SMS text from a mobile phone.
  • an extension of the Twitter concept, is which allows one to email posts (to
    • you can include attachments such as photos, videos, mp3 audio, URL links and other files.
    • A great feature of this site, is that not only is it simple to post to, but you can set it up so that your posts are automatically relayed to your other sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Wordpress blogs.
    • You can also password protect your posts so that viewers need your password to access view it.
    • You can create a group site by adding email addresses of all members to that site. Members post to the group site by emailing to where sitename is the name of the group's posterous site.
    • Posts can be easily tagged for keywords just by including (tag: apples, pears) syntax in the post.
    • You can create easy podcasts just by posting an mp3 file and your RSS feed at doubles as an iTunes-ready podcast feed!
    • you get 1Gb free space to hold all your posts and attachments.
  • alternatively, some also use which is Twitter-like but allows for longer posts and thus is more similar to a rapid blog style.
  • podcasts are a different technology as they allow downloads of audio or video podcasts which can usually be accessible via iTunes and downloadable onto your Apple iPod or similar device for listening to or viewing at your leisure. These are very useful mechanisms for sharing material from lectures, conferences, etc.

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