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clinical features

  • pain localisable to the sacro-iliac joints, and buttocks
  • pain may be referred down the legs
  • pain often aggravated by:
    • prolonged standing
    • stair climbing
    • bearing more weight on one leg than the other
    • running
    • taking large strides


  • traumatic injury such as MVA or falls from a height
    • progesterones and relaxins cause ligamentaous laxity to allow the sacro-iliac joints to loosen and stretch to accommodate childbirth
    • this may result in additional stress on the joints and deranged biomechanics
    • 10% start before puberty, peak onset 15-25yr olds
    • 5% of pts with psoriasis
    • males mainly; non-specific urethritis, polyarthritis (esp. sacro-iliac, lower limbs), conjunctivitis
  • enteropathic spondylitis
  • rheumatoid spondylitis (Bechterew's disease)
    • assoc. with chronic prostatitis, enteropathy, recurrent UTI or psoriasis, iritis.
    • sacroiliitis is the most common presentation of arthritis from Brucella
  • septic arthritis
    • rare
  • see arthritis - clinical patterns for more details
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