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  • most tinnitus originating in the auditory system is due to a sensorineural hearing loss with resulting dysfunction within the auditory system
    • mostly this is high pitched
    • Ménière's disease is generally low pitched tinnitus
    • a whooshing sound is generally regarded as whooshing or pulsatile tinnitus and is often due to vascular noises which may be serious


Clinical Mx in the ED

  • if the tinnitus is whoosing or pulsatile then this needs more urgent Ix - see whooshing or pulsatile tinnitus
  • check for and cease any ototoxic medications
  • otherwise if it is a constant tinnitus this can generally be managed by the GP:
    • referral for audiometry
    • referral to an ENT specialist
      • further Ix may be an OP MRI, etc.
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