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acronym meanings
AKI acute kidney impairment
AO assessment order (mental health)
ARF acute renal failure
AV Ambulance Victoria /atrio-ventricular
Ax assessment
BIBA Brought in by ambulance
CAP chest, abdo, pelvis /community acquired pneumonia
CBWO Continuous bladder washout
CCF congestive cardiac failure
CHI closed head injury
CRF chronic renal failure
CTB CT brain
CVA cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
Cx cervical
CXR chest Xray
DC direct cardioversion / discharge
ESRF end stage renal failure
EFAST ED bedside ultrasound to exclude haemoperitoneum
GCS Glasgow Coma Score
GMU general medical unit
HFrEF heart failure with reduced ejection fraction
HFpEF heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
HMB heavy menstrual bleeding
HS heart sounds / head strike
HSDNM heart sounds dual, no murmur
HT hypertension
HTN hypertension
LA left atrium heart
LL lower limb
LV left ventricle heart
LVH LV hypertrophy
Lx lumbar
IHD ischaemic heart disease
IUCD or IUD intrauterine contraceptive device
IUTD immunisations up to date
LOC loss of consciousness
MBWO manual bladder washout
MLT midline spinal tenderness
MOB minding own business while apprarently or allegedly committing criminal offence
OA osteoarthritis
OE on examination
PE pulmonary embolus
PPM permament pacemaker
PRN as needed
RA right atrium heart
RV right ventricle heart
Rx treatment / prescription
S.O.A.P Subjective Objective Assessment Plan
SSU short stay unit
Sx symptom / surgery
TTE trans thoracic echocardiogram
Tx thoracic
UL upper limb
UPSI unprotected sexual intercourse
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