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commonly used external providers

  • ophthamologists:
    • Western Eye Clinic:
      • Private clinic at Suite 210, Level 2, 1 Thomas Holmes Rd, Maribyrnong
      • All patients require a referral letter with the patient’s bradma sticker and a provider number, and the patient will be billed
      • ph: 9317 8930 fax: 9912 2306
    • Dr Thanh Nguyen
      • 204 Furlong Rd, St Albans ph: 9975 8767 fax 9382 6037
      • Fridays only
    • Public patients requiring ophthalmology who do not wish to be billed can be referred to either:
      • Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital
      • Royal Melbourne Hospital
      • Royal Children’s Hospital for paediatric referrals.
  • Dermatologists:
    • Eleanor St dermatology clinic (Drs Anne Howard, John Su, Josie Yeatman, Mei Tam):
      • 16 Eleanor Street, Footscray. tel: 93173344.
    • Dr Bruce Tate:
      • 198 Furlong Rd, Sunshine ph: 93560411
  • Gynaecology oncologist:
    • Sunshine Hospital now has a gynae oncology service via outpatients
    • alternatively, can refer to Mr Rome
      • Suite 115, 1st floor Epworth Freemasons Day Centre, 320 Victoria Pde, E. Melbourne
      • ph: 9418 8128 fax 9418 8130
    • patients with suspicious ovarian masses, consider taking blood for FBE, U&E, LFT, CA-125, CA 19.9, HCG as tumour markers
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