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welcome to the OzEMedicine Wiki

  • OzEMedicine ©2007 wiki is the world's 1st wikipedia dedicated to Emergency Medicine
  • content is created ONLY by Australian Emergency Physicians
  • there are NO advertisements or endorsements and this extensive wikipedia is provided freely as part of FOAM (Free Open Access Medical education), but given the limited resources, it is not able to be filled with lovely imagery, but brief outlines of each issue to allow rapid utilisation, with links to further resources as needed
  • use of information in this wiki is by your own judgment and risk - please read Disclaimer
  • find documents either via:
    • search function at top right
    • drilling down through the main headers below
    • remember, you can re-trace your steps by clicking on the trace item in the header above
  • words in green indicate a link to another page in this wiki (red indicates page not yet created and blue are either Table of Contents, or links to sites outside of this wiki)
  • if you can't find what you want in this wiki, then try using one of these medical search engines

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Basic Sciences

ACEM exam resources

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