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  • diarrhoea is usually defined as loose or watery stools more than 3 times a day

Classification of types of diarrhoea

  • the general classification of causes are:
    • secretory diarrhoea - as with many types of gastroenteritis eg. cholera
    • osmotic diarrhoea due to non-absorbed solutes in the bowel which draws water into the bowel lumen
    • exudative diarrhoea and dysentery - results in blood or pus in the stool eg. Crohn's disease, Salmonella, etc
    • inflammatory diarrhea - results from damage to the brush border and inability to absorb protein-rich fluids but in these situations there is often a mix of the above types of diarrhoea
    • overflow passage of loose stool may occur in people with faecal impaction

Aetiology of vomiting with diarrhoea

Aetiology of acute diarrhoea in adults WITHOUT vomiting

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